Smoked turkey sandwiches

We are all in constant motion, in a hurry, and often we simply do not have enough time to engage in lengthy cooking. But, having a smoked turkey at home or at work, you can always make sandwiches or sandwiches with turkey, which will be not only hearty, but also healthy. Here, for example, what sandwiches you can quickly cook with the most affordable products.

Take bread for toast or a wheat bun (rye), put on it a slice of smoked turkey, a slice of cheese, put vegetables on top, for example, lettuce, fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, bell peppers are ideal for sandwiches. Piquancy to your sandwich will add pickles, as well as mustard and mayonnaise. Here you are given complete freedom of imagination and taste.

Bon Appetit!

Smoked turkey sandwiches

Smoked turkey sandwiches


4 servings


Smoked turkey

Bread for toast

Wheat or rye bun





Fresh cucumber

Sweet pepper

Mustard, mayonnaise

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