Pancake quesadilla with turkey

Step 1

On a tartilla greased with tomato sauce, put 4 plates of melted cheddar. On top of the cheddar, lay the fried Bulgarian pepper in three colors.

Step 2

Fry the mushrooms until cooked and put on pepper. Cut onions into rings, put on mushrooms.

Step 3

Boil the turkey breast until cooked and fry in vegetable oil in a hot pan. Put breast on top onion.

Step 4

Cover the turkey with 4 slices of cheddar and close with a second tartilla. Bake in the oven for 5 minutes. at 180C (cheese should melt).

Bon Appetit!

Pancake quesadilla with turkey

Pancake quesadilla with turkey


for 2 servings - 700 kcal



2 pcs.

Turkey breast

100 gr.

Bulgarian pepper in three colors

90 gr.


50 gr.

Cheddar cheese

120 gr.

Tomato sauce

60 gr.

Green onion

20 gr.

White onion

150 gr.

Chilli peeled

5 gr.

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