Production "Krasnobor"

Environmental safety is a subject of special attention to the company Krasnobor.

Our turkeys are raised in modern poultry houses under strict environmental and veterinary control.

From the first days, our turkeys receive natural cereal-based feeds containing all the necessary trace elements and vitamins. Feed does not contain growth stimulants and genetically modified organisms, feed suppliers have passed strict selection and each batch of feed passes control.

The company annually undergoes voluntary environmental certification, constantly increasing the level of environmental safety of its products. That is why we can fully guarantee the safety of our products and their health benefits.

Only natural feed!

We use natural feed based on a specially selected mixture of cereals, because just such fattening allows our consumers to appreciate the fullness of the taste of turkey.

Always fresh produce!

Thanks to production and transport logistics, our fresh products appear on store shelves almost every morning.

Own production of smoked and gourmet products!

Special pride is also the in-house production of smoked and gourmet products. Special, gentle technology of smoking on natural alder wood chips, careful selection of spices and fresh meat - consumers highly appreciate the taste of our delicacies.