We have opened sales of a whole carcass of smoked turkey!

On Christmas Eve and New Year, the Krasnobor agricultural holding began selling a whole carcass of smoked turkey, which will decorate any holiday table, and will also be able to provide the family with quality meat throughout the New Year holidays.

Cooked turkey will be in a special way by cold smoking. You can order a product with one call to the central office of the Krasnobor agricultural holding company, while giving the operator only the estimated date and address of delivery.

Turkey meat is one of the most healthy and nutritious. By the speed of assimilation, the protein exceeds the performance of rabbit meat and chickens. Saturation comes with a smaller portion of the eaten, so it began to be recommended in many diets.

You can order a turkey by phone: 8 (926) 325-97-95 or by e-mail: zakaz@krasnobor.ru

We accept orders until 12.25.19 inclusive