Unique crispy slices of Me&Eat turkey meat

As part of a project to expand the assortment line, the Krasnobor agricultural holding company launches an innovative and unique product for the Russian market - crispy slices of natural turkey fillet. The product under the Me & Еat trademark was first introduced to the Russian market as part of the 27th Prodexpo-2020 international food exhibition.

The new line of snacks is aimed at supporters of a healthy lifestyle, young people and the target audience who want to be able to have a bite to eat as a natural product.

Me&Eat snacks are made from natural turkey fillet, which contains a minimum of fats and calories, is easily digestible. The naturalness of the product is also emphasized by its packaging. One pack of 30 grams contains 100 grams of turkey meat.

The production process of snacks is unique and allows you to achieve a crunch of thin meat slices.