The story of "Krasnobor"

Foundation of the company

Bibigon shareholder Arkady Levin decided to start the reconstruction of the poultry industry complex built several years ago in the village of Rassvet, Leninsky district, Tula area. The complex was redeveloped into an enterprise for the cultivation and production of turkey. IN Within the framework of the project, enclosures for keeping birds turned into turkey poultry, while advanced technologies from the Big Dachman company. In addition, a processing workshop will be built. Grown turkey meat. The total capacity of the project is 3,500 tons of turkey meat per year. Is worth note that this is the first Russian farm farming project for turkey scale.

First batch

The first batch of diurnal turkey chickens arrived. There were 24,000 chickens in the batch, they were successfully placed in previously reconstructed turkey poultry houses.

Reached design capacity

The prepared premises for the slaughter and processing department of the company received equipment for processing of turkey meat from the company "Maine". Installation of equipment is planned to be completed in compressed deadlines.

After completion of installation and commissioning, a turkey productionworkshop was opened. It was Russia's first turkey processing facility to be commissioned.

Two years have passed after the shareholder of the company Arkady Levin decided to start turkey production. During this time, the company managed to reach its design capacity, and now daily, consumers can get about 9 tons of chilled turkey meat.

Halal Certification

The company passed certification of the Halal International Center for Standardization and Certification. Now she has the right to produce part of the products under a special sign confirming the conformity of the goods all necessary production rules.

New complex in the Tula region

The company acquired the property complex of a former poultry farm in the Novomoskovsk district of Tula area. The total land area is 200 hectares. The complex includes the main infrastructure facilities, including 65 poultry houses, utilities, water intake and utility the roads. The company has developed a complete plan for the reconstruction of these facilities for the coming year. On the first stage it is planned to increase the production of turkey up to 8000-9000 tons per year, to build a new turkey processing plant with a total capacity of up to 40,000 tons per year and to ensure further growth production for 5–7 years.

The first stage of the reconstruction of the complex in the Tula region

The company has completed the first phase of the reconstruction of the production site in Shirinsky Novomoskovsky district of the Tula region. During the reconstruction, the old houses were replaced on modern buildings for growing turkeys, power networks were restored, gas supply, water supply, sewage treatment plants were updated, new roads and a new one were built slaughter plant with an area of 10,000 square meters. m. and a capacity of 40,000 tons of finished products per year. All necessary documentation was submitted for state examination, at the end of which active project implementation will begin.

Reconstruction of the houses and the first batch of the new complex

The company began the reconstruction of 39 houses with a total area of about 63,000 square meters. m. During During the reconstruction, the poultry houses will be provided with modern equipment from the Big Dachment company. The reconstruction is planned to be completed before the end of this year, and the first batch of birds will arrive in November of this year.

34,000 chickens were delivered to the first reconstructed houses. Total at the moment 8 out of 39 houses were reconstructed, all of them were equipped with modern equipment. Completely The company plans to complete reconstruction work before the end of the first quarter of 2007.

New workshop launched

Krasnobor proudly announces the launch of a new slaughterhouse located on production site in the Tula region, Novomoskovsky district, pos. Shirinsky.

Production capacity 60 tons / day.

Krasnobor opened a production site for growing birds

The Minister of Agriculture Nikolay paid a working visit to the Tula region on September 3 Fedorov, where together with the governor Vladimir Gruzdev he took part in the ceremony the official opening of the production site for the growing of birds ZAO Krasnobor pos. Alyoshnia of the Leninsky district.

The guests examined the new complex, got acquainted with the system of feeding and caring for the bird.

The beginning of certification of the company Krasnobor FSSC 22 000

On April 8, 2014, Krasnobor began certification for international standard FSSC 22000.

This standard is supported by the Confederation of Food and Beverage of the European Union (CIAA). In addition, FSSC 22000 is a food safety management system. Products recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI - Global Food Safety Initiative), which represents the world's largest retail chains and is FAO / WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission Official Recognition Standards Advisor food safety. The structure of the FSSC (Synergy) 22000 standard includes: management quality system; senior management responsibility; resource management; planning and release of safe products.

The grand opening of the incubator ZAO Krasnobor in the Tula region

June 10, 2014 in the Novomoskovsk district of the Tula region, the grand opening incubator ZAO Krasnobor, with a capacity of 12 million eggs. Putting this incubator into operation completed the third phase of the investment project implemented by rasnobor CJSC together with the government of the Tula region.

The Governor of the Tula Region Vladimir Gruzdev took part in the opening of the incubator. Noted that the opening of the incubator is a landmark event in the development of agriculture Tula region. In communication with journalists, the head of the region noted the importance of the project and the use of modern technologies at the site (the company is equipped with high-tech and high-performance jobs). “The demand for turkey meat is constantly increasing. Collection and the processing of this meat in the region is established. This is an interest for both investors and farmers” - said the head of the region.

The incubator will produce young turkey for their own needs of Krasnobor, and also for various fattening enterprises in the region. Opening your own incubator will allow companies significantly expand their quality and safety control capabilities farmed turkey meat.

Recall that the products of Krasnobor CJSC are delivered to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Bryansk, Kursk, Belgorod and other regions.

Halal Certificate 2018

The company Krasnobor January 1, 2018 received a new Halal Certificate.

The company "Krasnobor" has passed the certification of the Council of Muftis of Russia, confirming compliance products principles of Islam.

The company has been certified since 2006 and annually confirms the high quality of its products.

During the certification process, the conformity of raw materials, additives, spices, manufactured products is assessed, production facilities, used funds, doing business.

Halal certificate is a confirmation and guarantee of quality, and products are marked special sticker.

Environmental Product

Caring for the environment is one of the important principles of the Krasnobor Company.

A confirmation of this was the certificate of the Quality Certification System (CCK), confirming increased environmental safety of products manufactured by the company.

Quality Certification System (SSC) is designed to assess the level of quality and environmental friendliness the final product is voluntary and provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The certificate confirms that the environmental performance of the Company's products Krasnobor exceeds the average established indicators for similar products by 47%.

The taste of Krasnobor products was highly appreciated in Seoul

Krasnobor took part in Russian Gastro Week 2018, which was held in Seoul (South Korea) April 19-20.

The interest in Korean consumers was caused by the delicacies of Krasnobor - smoked sausages, snacks, wings and fillets.

While tasting the products, consumers especially admired the original shape and taste of the snack “Salami”, which the company prepared for the new season and the World Cup.

Krasnobor products are represented in the largest retail chains of hyper - and supermarkets.

In addition to natural products, the company presents a wide range of smoked delicacies, for the preparation of which uses fresh turkey meat, and the smoking process is carried out exclusively on natural alder wood chips.

A turkey from Krasnobor in Bahrain

Krasnobor presented its products at the EBF 2018 international forum in Bahrain as part of delegation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Tula region. The forum was also attended businessmen from Oman, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. President Riyada Consulting Group Sheikh Diah Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa welcomed the participants and expressed Confidence in the development of mutually beneficial relations between participants and organizers of the forum.

At the tastings within the framework of the forum, guests appreciated the delicatessen products of the Krasnobor company. Special Buzhenin from red and white meat, which is produced according to a special branded recipe.

“Our products are currently being certified for deliveries to Bahrain. So happy praise our taste at the conference and hope that Bahrain consumers will receive the opportunity to buy our products in the near future” - says Sergey Kokorev, Deputy General Director of Sales, Krasnobor.

Smoked delicacies are deservedly and steadily appreciated. Used in production only fresh turkey meat and a special set of spices, which gives the product a unique taste.

The smoking process deserves special attention - in special ovens on natural alder wood chips.

Krasnobor products are represented in the largest retail chains of hyper - and supermarkets.

Krasnobor on top

Krasnobor has ascended into the sky with paratroopers who create large formations during long jumps. The company supports members of the Russian National Team for parachuting.

“Vivid emotions, interesting hobbies, sports and personal achievements are what creates unique taste of life. We support interesting hobbies and contribute healthy and delicious foods, then the impossible becomes possible. Our products are always on top freshness, quality and taste” - supports Sergey Kokorev, Deputy General Director.

Krasnobor sent its products to Vietnam

Products from the Krasnobor turkey went to Vietnam. This was the first step in the supply of finished meat products to this country from Russia.

The first batch of finished products is sent to Vietnam, from the enterprise The Krasnobor of the Tula region is a turkey, said Sergey Dankvert, head Rosselkhoznadzor, reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of the Public Council at the Rosselkhoznadzor.

At the same time, he noted the need to expand the range of products exported abroad - in first of all, due to products of deep processing.

"Krasnobor opens up new foreign markets and this batch is the first step in market development South-East Asia. We are pleased that our products are finding new customers in other countries. thanks to consistent quality and great taste, ”says Sergey Kokorev, Deputy CEO of Krasnobor.

Krasnobor receives delegation from Vietnam

November 9, the Vietnamese delegation led by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to the Russian Federation Mr. Ngo Dyk Manem visited the production of CJSC Krasnobor in the village of Shirinsky Tula areas.

The guests, led by Ambassador Ngo Duc Manem, were pleased to visit the turkey meat processing workshop, visited the smokehouse, took part in the tasting of finished products.

Members of the delegation were convinced that the production works in compliance with international requirements and in part technologies, and in terms of compliance with sanitary requirements.

The Vietnamese delegation arrived here not by chance. A party has already gone to Vietnam this fall finished products ZAO Krasnobor.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to the Russian Federation Mr. Ngo Duc Duc Man to the question about the purpose of the visit to the company replied: “We really liked the products of this company, which, as we are today emphasized the "Tula taste." We will continue to develop our partnerships.”

"We are ready! - the guest was supported by the Deputy General Director of the Krasnobor company for sales Sergey Kokorev. - Our products are produced daily in sufficient quantities. To us delegations from Vietnam often came before, especially on the eve of the eastern New Year, and bought our products. We are ready to increase supplies to the Vietnamese market; with only two or three species. We are ready to expand the range and supply more to the people of Vietnam good, tasty Russian - Tula - products! And increase supply volumes every month.”

At a tasting of prepared turkey meat, guests once again confirmed their high taste Krasnobor products.

Krasnobor passed full Halal certification

Krasnobor manufacturing and all products are now Halal certified.

A rigorous audit conducted by representatives of the International Center for Standardization and Certification Halal praised the company's production and technology.

Representatives of the International Center for Standardization and Certification also thanked the staff companies that have made a special contribution to pre-production and product development.

"It’s especially nice that Halal standards are now certified as our natural semi-finished and smoked products. Undoubtedly, our products will become part of everyday life. And a festive table of many people for whom the observance of these standards is important” - is talking Sergey Kokorev, Deputy General Director for Sales.

Krasnobor took part in the PRODEXPO-2019 exhibition

Krasnobor's booth at the PRODEXPO-2019 exhibition aroused great interest among the guests of the exhibition. The exhibition was held from February 11 to February 15, 2019 at the Expocenter on Krasnaya Presnya.

The company introduced a full range of its products, as well as a new corporate identity.

At the stand were presented chilled and chopped semi-finished products, smoked delicacies, sausages and sausages, diet line. Visitors to the exhibition praised the products and stand design.

In addition to Russian buyers, the exhibition was attended by a large number of representatives of countries near and far abroad, who are also actively interested in the company's products.

“The exhibition showed that interest in products from turkey meat is unusually high. We believe that Our participation in the exhibition was successful and very timely. It was especially nice to receive positive feedback from guests of our booth, including those who are ours regular customers, ”says Sergey Kokorev, Deputy General Director for sales.

Krasnobor won the Healthy Nutrition Award

On February 23, a ceremony of awarding the winners of the Healthy Award took place food-2018”, where Krasnobor became the best in the nomination“ Manufacturing company. Bird". To the competition the company introduced its smoked delicacy line.

The prize was awarded by Anton Privolnov, a well-known TV presenter and author of the program “Control Procurement”, and the ceremony was held at the StrEAT venue as part of the “Delicious!” food festival.

Another award was received by one of the company’s products from the gourmet line - “Breast Fillet Gourmet". Among all participants of the Healthy Nutrition Award, only six were awarded the Choice Award consumers. ” Evaluation of the opinions of consumers was conducted by the research holding ROMIR and the participants until the last moment they didn’t know who would be among the winners.

“This is a well-deserved award for our company,” says Sergey Kokorev, Deputy General sales directors. “We have done a lot to prove that smoked products can be not only tasty, but also healthy. After all, we are constantly improving technology smoking and recipe, and now we can be proud of our results. But we will not stop there, in our plans are to release new products that we have already begun testing. And, of course, they will also receive recognition and love from our consumers.”

Krasnobor presented delicacies at WorldFood Azerbaijan 2019

From May 15 to 17, the Krasnobor company took part in the 25th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Food Industry Exhibition - WorldFood Azerbaijan 2019 in the Russian Gastro Week program in Baku city. Russian Gastro Week event brings together leading Russian food companies industry.

Krasnobor introduced a line of finished products of sausages and delicacies from turkey meat in the new corporate identity. Finished products of sausages and delicacies Krasnobor consists of more than 15 positions and includes: cooked smoked, half-smoked and sausages from turkey.

Guests and exhibitors appreciated not only the original taste of the products, but also the high quality manufacture.

Krasnobor received the right to supply products to Japan

Krasnobor received the right to supply products to Japan.

June 3, 2019, the competent authority in the field of veterinary medicine of Japan, according to the results of in March 2019, the inspection was certified by Krasnobor CJSC for the right to supply its products to Japanese market.

Krasnobor is actively engaged in exporting products abroad: China, Vietnam and Armenia.

New packaging design

On June 5, a project was launched to redesign the entire package! For about 20 years, the products of Krasnobor wore one design packaging solution. But the time has come for change: during June, all products will change into a new bright design.

You can easily find us in stores for a delicious lilac color and juicy mint on the package.