Healthy Eating 2018

Krasnobor was awarded the “Healthy Nutrition - 2018” prize in the category “Manufacturing Company. Bird". This is a high appraisal of the gourmet products that the company produces.

Consumer Choice


A special award “Consumer Choice” received a product from the gourmet breast fillet line Gourmet based on the results of an independent assessment of consumer opinion by ROMIR.

Halal 2018


In December 2018, the company Krasnobor passed the next certification according to Halal standards. Both production sites of the company and all types of products received certification.

Halal 2016


The company Krasnobor 01/01/2016 received the Halal Certificate. This is a recognition that the products comply with all the canons of Islam, that there is nothing forbidden for Muslims in products.

Leading agro-industrial and agricultural organizations of Russia-2009


On November 26, 2009, the company "Krasnobor" was included in the National Register "Leading Agro-Industrial and Agricultural Organizations of Russia-2009" on the basis of a proposal from the Department of Agriculture of the Tula Region.

Environmental certificate


In July 2007, the Environmental Certificate issued by the Tula Regional Center for Environmental Certification in 2005 was extended, according to which the level of environmental cleanliness of the company's products exceeds the standard by 23%.

Best Product of 2007


In February 2007, natural semi-finished products from Krasnobor turkey meat were awarded gold and silver medals for the participation in the Best Product contest at the Prodexpo 2007 exhibition.

Certificate from the Council of Muftis of Russia


Krasnobor company received a certificate from the Council of Muftis of Russia, giving the right to produce Halal food.

Product of the Year 2006


In September 2006, for the participation in the Product of the Year 2006 contest at the All World Food 2006 exhibition, Krasnobor turkey meat products were awarded silver medals.

For the range and quality of poultry products


In October 2006, for the participation in the competition "For the range and quality of poultry products" in the framework of the 8th Russian agricultural exhibition "Golden Autumn 2006", the company's products received gold and silver medals.

21st Century Golden Quality Mark


In December 2005, products from turkey meat ZAO Krasnobor was awarded the Golden Quality Mark of the 21st Century.

Grand Prix and Gold Medal for High Product Quality


In May 2004, at the exhibition "Meat Industry" turkey products of Krasnobor CJSC received a Grand Prix and a gold medal for high quality products.

Product Recommended Certificate


In 2003, the State Research Institute of Nutrition RAMS issued a certificate recommending the use of products from the Krasnobor turkey for children of school and preschool age, starting from 5.5 months.